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Fun Facts Friday | Inbound Marketing

Customer Life Cycle & MAP


"78% of high performing marketers regard marketing automation as a critical contributor to increased revenue"

The Inbound marketing philosophy is based on the assumptions we need to engage and maintain a relationship with the Contact all the time. And the engagement needs to be accurate per the segments, the position of the Contacts, PoT, and other variables. The MAP provides us the ability to create engagements per each type of stage on the customer life cycle, from the engagement (lead) stage through the sales funnel, up to the trial or installations period, and into the customer success steps to increase retention and decreased churn rate.

Every step, stage, type of life, requires a different approach, a different funnel, and the most important different PoT and channels. The ability of the BI and AI, marketing automation has provided you to make this automatically.

Pro Tip: with the Customer Life cycle, it’s important for moving a client from one funnel to another automatically.

While your teams are notified about it, and every funnel needs to be built from at least 3-4 emails, knowledge blogs or White paper, and use cases, the mix of the type of emails is vital to the success of the campaign.

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