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Lead Scoring to Help Engage

Fun Facts Friday | Inbound Marketing

Fun Facts Friday | THE

Scoring In the Right Way to Engage

Lead Scoring can shorten sales in 50% times and increase engagements in more than 300%.

Leads Scoring is one of the best tools to learn the volume of interest by the Lead on your services and Customer.

According to research, lead scoring can shorten sales by 50% times and increase engagements in more than 300%. 

However, scoring in the wrong way will generate the wrong outcomes.

Build three clubs, (give them names) each club will have a trust hold of point, for example, the first club is 15, second club is 30 and the third is 55, any of the leads once they cross the amount of scoring joining into this club, the value of the leads on each of the club is their close to closing phase.

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