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Inbound Marketing Pedia 

  • Inbound Marketing
    The primary goal for any marketer is to create engagements with Contacts or Buying Groups of the Account we targeted as a potential client. While in Outbound Method, the tactics are distinct as a maximum of two different types. In the Inbound Method there are 10s of tactics. Moreover, while the main challenge is to choose the right channel and be able to monitor in real time to change or replace things according to needs and results. Having said that we can conclude the main difference between the channels by two elements metrics: Time and Cost. Keep Reading- Inbound Marketing Vs. Outbound Marketing Whitepaper.
  • Outbound Marketing
    Outbound Marketing requires an operation; it’s not only a one-time cold call or to ‘catch’ few Contacts that came across the company booth during the trade-show. The reality is that Outbound requires a process which works in a repeating process all the time, the team should have specific skills in the Inside Sales industry. To build the Outbound Marketing machine the Director needs to be organized, focus, data driven and to be able to connect all the dots between the marketing, sales, and products.
  • Full Funnel
    THE Funnel which includes all the process from the Contacts generating/demanding throughout the closing deal, this funnel is including the product side, marketing, inside sales and Director of Sales. Click here to see a Full Funnel diagram.
  • MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads)
    The point when the Account/Lead moved from marketing to sales.
  • PoT (Point of Trigger)
    Every contact has its own needs per the position and the department/company he manages and runs; The POT for a Technology's Contact is different from the POT for the Business Unit.
  • B2B Account
    In Account Based Marketing we treat the Account as the targeted company.
  • Lead
    A specific opportunity or request from an account, it might be multiple leads on the same account.
  • Contact
    The person whom we engage with during the process.
  • IAP
    Ideal Account Profile.
  • Buying Group
    A group of contacts on the same account (Company) in which will be part of the decision if to purchase your product/services.
  • ABM (Account Based Marekting)
    Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a process which encompasses multi-parameters, marketing elements, and sales processes into one specific neural network in which every dot may affect the other and the outcome. The ABM strategy is the holistic approach to ‘sharpen the axe’ and find the right method, ‘road map’, to personalize the message, create uniqueness, and emphasize the benefits of the products, or solutions to the needs and Point of Trigger (POT) of the contact and the buying group.
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