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COVID19- Eight Tactics Marketers Need to be Equipped

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

COVID19 Marketers - Analyze | Adjust | Keep | Enhance!

Marketers must be able to change strategy and adjust their tactics fast based on the change that has occurred, especially when critical changes come toward you. The way we’re used to doing business will change dramatically as the COVID-19 has forced us.

I hope you, your family and your team are ok, and you keep the distance as needed staying/working from home.

We don’t really know when this will end, we all hope soon, but we can’t halt and wait on the fence only 'hoping' for the best. We have and should take action and adjust our tactics to maintain engagements and awareness. Even sometimes, facilitate the formula to the day everything will return to normal.

I believe you already have sent the COVID19’s (famous) email with all the right info, but what is next? We can’t go back to normal, acting like nothing happened.

Here are eight tactics and actions your marketers should utilize to leverage the situation into business and conversions.

Adjust your PoT:

Find the new PoTs (Point of Triggers) of your solution related to the market situation, convert the PoT into messages which can help your clients and prospects in this situation, change the tune from sells or invite to purchase to support and help. It might sound easy or even obvious but is super crucial, all of your messages on all of the channels need to be changed accordingly.

Sometimes, you might need to take it to the next level and adjust your business model or release more benefits that a few weeks ago, you might charge for.

The game has changed, and your marketing strategy needs to as well and every day you are losing may affect your business in the short and long terms.

Be Precise with Conversions:

This is the time to take your marketing conversion analysis into an all-new scale, and not only because it’s important, but because it’s vital for you to know exactly what the most profitable ROI channel on your marketing efforts is. Your team might measure only the clicks or the visitors but not all the steps towards converting into MQL or maybe even SQL.

This is the time for that! Implement the UTM structure map that can help your team to measure all the way to the closing, get much more insight about what works where and why, and with that, you can focus your budget on the right channel(s).

The UTM model can help you even to connect between the sales and marketing team, which basically become the language of conversion between the parties.

Prioritize Roadmap Development:

You should have products and features for development in your company's roadmap, which were formulated before the COVID19, brainstorming (online is great!) with your marketing and sales teams which feature can be suitable to the market situation, discuss with your R&D which can be ready and when; Aggregate all the data, change the R&D priory to launch solution which can help your clients shortly. If you can provide service/solution/features for free or to upgrade to help your networks, do it.

Marketing Funnel:

Campaigns running before the outbreak are still relevant, even though it might not create the same effects, but can still be relevant for some of your clients and prospects. Keep with those that worked the best, and in some, make small changes to adjust the situation.

Demand Gen. Campaigns:

Consolidate!!! If you are running Google ads or FB ads or any other Paid Ads, don’t stop it, we all must cut costs but consolidate and focus on those which converted into sales or engagements the most.

Note: Conversions are not only how many clicks or left messages but how many converted to deal; add the parameters into your campaign so you can track your conversions from visitors to sales.

Keywords Research for SEO:

Google keyword trends are vital to the success of your campaigns and new strategy. Your customers will try to find the same solution with other keywords and phrases, so you need to adjust as well.

After you craft the new PoTs, the messages need to be built on the new keywords. The new landing pages you will create, the changes on campaigns, and on your site need to be aligned with all the changes in the market, especially with keywords search.

Follow-up Calls and Sale Meetings:

It’s a great time to increase follow-up call conversions! Your contacts are at home or working from home; they have at least 30% more time due to shorter meetings and less demand to travel or conference. Follow up with them; they are more available to talk. Try not only for sell calls but to engage with them, this builds your rapport.

And last but not least, it’s the time to increase relationships and work between marketing, sales and the product. It's not a cliché; build the work-frame for scoring and adjust procedures with new inquiries. Marketing must be able to follow up with their Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) and adjust the Prospects (lead) scoring.

Sales should be able to get notifications faster, and once a contact engages, they should go into a relevant funnel and knowledge sharing to build the trust. Remember, this is ALL with the new PoTs and messages.

Keep safe and I wish you all the best!

Kiefer Hazaz,



*If you find that tasks are falling through the cracks or need that little bit of extra help with any marketing efforts through these difficult times, don’t hesitate to reach out to The We are offering the first 14 days free with month to month options.

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