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White Paper: Inbound Marketing Vs. Outbound Marketing for B2B Companies

We differentiate between the Inbound and the Outbound through the primary question:

Who established the first verbal engagement between the parties?

In the event it was the Contact it is an Inbound if we approached him directly and generate the first verbal (email, phone, text message) engagement it means, it’s an Outbound.

This equation can be suitable for any situation: For example; in Trade-show, the Sale Rep. ‘caught’ the Contact with a giveaway, while he walked through our booth, this situation will define as an Outbound. However, if he walked into our booth and asked for information, will record as an Inbound lead, the messages on the both/brochures were the trigger in which led him into our spot.

Another scenario of Inbound Leads is when the Contact fills up a form, call to our team, or react to an email from the automation system, however, when our sales team send an email to a specific Contact through his network (LinkedIn In-mail) we can define it as an Outbound.

Why it’s so important to determine which of the Contact was generated by which method?

How to Calculate and analyze the Inbound Marketing compare to Outbound Marketing,

CLICK HERE to download the White-Paper version.

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