E-Mail Automation Service

Direct, Personalize, Per funnel stage, Increase engagements with Prospects.

In the marketing and sales today, in order to increase engagements, build the relationship with your leads and to scale them up in the Sales Funnel stage to the closing, you have to use Email automation process. Nurture Marketing process with Email Automation is one of the ways for your Sales and Marketing to learn about your Contacts needs, THE RiCH team works with the marketing and sales team to build, create and put in action the process in order to achieve any of the objectives below, all of thme or much more. Points of Trigger (POT) which can encourge him to interact with your sales team
Personalized and highly direct messages/ per any Prospect’s stage on the sales funnel and even per a prospect’s reaction. To create awareness among your Prospects. Build trust in the products and solutions. Support the Inside Sales team to make the engagement with the Prospect. Learn what the Prospect is interested in and what triggered them. Move the Prospect in the path you would like to up to the sale.
We understand that this process is a time consuming and requires BI software platform, therefore, we have built LeaDeal Plans which start as low as $780/ Month.