Targeted Leads Generations

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Targeted Lead Generation and Validation process on the Sales Funnel Cycle is one of the most critical stages in the process. The quality of the Leads will determine the time cycle of the deal and the bonding with the prospect which eventually will define the ROI of the lead.It’s more about how you generate the right and targeted leads!
We have developed a proven validation process which starts with classifying the targeted b2b leads, the accounts, and the buyer groups, in addition to, size, industry, revenue, system needs, position, CIS code, employee, Social Media and more.
This proven process increased to one of our clients an amount of QL (Qualified Leads) in more than 500% in less than 7 months program, and which 27% convert to MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) in the short term. We would generate about 2-3 Contacts per Account (Organization), in order to provide your marketing and sales team the amount of contact to nurture and engage with. We will generate a sample based on the preferences to see that we aim to the right target, learn from that and then move to the generate more leads.
We have created LeaDeal Plans that can fit any type and size of business, and the best thing it can start with as low as $340/month, no commitment, and you can upgrade and downgrade.
Our customers increased by 275% inbound marketing engagement while generating more than 175% additional revenue from the Account in the ABM Program

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