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Inbound Marketing | Fun Facts Friday 

The small facts and 'how-to' in order to increase your revenue with inbound marketing machine. 

Tagging on Social Media

"Using more than 3 hashtags, can actually hurt your profile due to new algorithms."

Many companies today believe that the best way to use social media is to flood their posts with hashtags and @ mentions.

This is most definitely not the case! Using more than 3 hashtags, depending on the platform can actually hurt your profile due to new algorithms.

Many are also unaware of the fact that there is a limit of 30 hashtags on Facebook and Instagram. This includes in the post and in the comments section. Tag mentions are in the same spectrum.

Using @ to tag customers, if your a B2C company or tagging companies that are not related to your post can be considered spamming.
Instead, only tag relevant people/businesses to increase the potential reach. Just remember to use all forms of tagging responsibility to increase your brand awareness!!

What is Digital Trust in Marketing Funnel? 

"With Marketing Funnel, one of the main purposes is to build digital trusts."

When you build a Marketing Funnel sequence, one of the main purposes is to build the digital trusts with your contacts, the old and the new ones.

In order to do it, you need to provide knowledge and ‘give away’ something that will educate and help your client to learn more. The best thing is if it will be without mention your services or solution. After trust was established you may then initiate and very slow the engagement email types!

Landing Pages Or Website?

"...from a 97% bounced rate to 45% in less than two months with focused PoT pages..."

The debate around landing pages or more pages on your website is running all the time. However, one of our clients can ensure you that with the right landing page tactics they did decrease the bounce rate from 97% to 45% within two months.
Using as many landing pages as you can and build a subdomain ( CNAME) that is dedicated to a specific solution, services or PoT. This will focus the clients on the right content, increase conversion to MQL while decreasing the bounced rate. Landing pages are not a replacement for a website, the same as Facebook/LinkedIn pages are not, but it’s vital for your engagements with the right audience.

Decision-Maker Or Buying Group? 

The days to reach only the Decision-Maker is no longer the most important step.

When you're dealing with B2B and long sales cycles, you probably know that your deal is not based on one person but on a group in which each one will contribute to the deal’s success in another way.

The days to reach only the Decision-Maker is no longer the most important step to closing a deal.
Upon your team engaging with the Contact from the company you have targeted, change this Contact into an Account. Generate 5-9 new contacts from multiple departments and multiple positions on the targeted company. Then build a short sequence of a Marketing Funnel and initiate the digital relationship right away.

This will provide your sales team a heads up nurturing and awareness with this group which might be involved in the deals or even is the one who will be in your favor.

Scoring In the Right Way to Engage

Lead Scoring can shorten sales in 50% times and increase engagements in more than 300%.

Leads Scoring is one of the best tools to learn the volume of interest by the Lead on your services and Customer.

According to research, lead scoring can shorten sales by 50% times and increase engagements in more than 300%. 

However, scoring in the wrong way will generate the wrong outcomes.

Build three clubs, (give them names) each club will have a trust hold of point, for example, the first club is 15, second club is 30 and the third is 55, any of the leads once they cross the amount of scoring joining into this club, the value of the leads on each of the club is their close to closing phase.

Keep your Opportunities in your Arena

"Can increase conversion from Engage to sales by more than 170%"

When you create an inbound marketing funnel, try to keep the Contact (lead) in your arena all the time. For example, after you sent them a knowledge email if they have downloaded the white paper, after 24 hours send them another blog on the same topic. If they visit the landing page to watch a short video, create a re-marketing ad campaign that’s based on the same PoT (Point of Trigger).

Having the Contacts (Leads) in the right arena with the right PoT can increase conversion from Engage to sales by more than 170%.

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