Who Are We?

Do You Have a Question? We Have an Answer.

THE RiCH.agency team has more than 20 years experience with a variety of high-tech companies as a start-up and in a growth stage ( Sires B and C), with Fortune 100 Service providers ( such as Deloitte), Our method applies to almost any B2B type, and size of clients, of course, we adjust the process according to the Company’s Leads targeted, such as short sale cycle, long cycle, small companies or Fortune 100 companies. The ability to build the messages, recreate the strategy, and execute the process with YOUR team is our specialist. We will never be able to replace your team with the technology and the solution’s knowledge. Hence, your teamwork is to stay on top of your market; our daily job is to be on top of the Marketing industry, from the Marketing Automation platform (MAPs) through strategy and ABM processing and news with Google, Bing, and other advertisements channels.
Yes, we can, THE RiCH’s Inside sales team can engage with clients and schedule the meeting, however in order to build a substantial inbound lead we need to develop the MACHINE, the process in which utilize multiple channels with the platform to engage on a weekly bases with potential clients. YOU need to feed the beast; our primary goal is to build with your team the machine that will feed your sales team with Inbound leads, and will free your marketing team to work to generate news but to increase the conversion rate and support the sales in the sales cycle.
Increasing your Inbound Marketing is our goal, the ABM Strategy is the path in the digital marketing today, and with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and BI (Business Intelligence) platforms are in our vain, and to generate engagements is our passion, and we have to do everything in high professionalism and successfully for many years. Since 2012, we have been helping our clients grow through our unparalleled services. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients so that we can build creative and strategic solutions to their challenges. THE RiCH.agency (Sub-branding of Fruition Business Group) has worked with clients from all over the globes closely, from Fortune 500 Companies, through mid-size High-Tech companies, and with Technology startup. Constituting the strategy, put it in plans, and lead it to reality it is our passion; Convert it into revenue for your company it is our goal!
As an agency, we work hand-in-hand with your marketing and sales team on a monthly retainer based on your needs, the monthly retainer can start from $700/month and in general an average of $5,000/month. Our client can utilize some of the services or all the processes.