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This Ten Steps eBook’s purpose is to provide Marketers, Sales, Product Managers and Executives an understanding that high-level procedures must be taken to implement or to improve an Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy.

THE ABM Is a holistic approach, and as such, the amount of variable, tactics, and type of engagements will dramatically affect the success, therefore, plan in advance and understand the strategy as a whole is vital to the success.

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Why ABM and to WHOM

Think about it as a sandbox, in other marketing strategies, each department has a sandbox. Sometimes they share tools and support between the sandboxes. In the ABM we create one sandbox in which everyone collaborates on each project simultaneously. It may sound crazy and complex, but it need not be.
ABM may relate to any size and type of company, even though it's not for everyone. Hence, we can choose one or two paths or process from the Full Funnel and need not implement on the Full Funnel.  Embracing the approach doesn’t mean that we need to stop doing the old type of marketing and sales tactics, or to put campaigns on hold which already convert and deliver.
When we talk ABM, you are using some of the marketing tactics and tricks. However, the implementation process has much more to it as a holistic approach to connect all the dots in the marketing and sales operation.

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