At THE RiCH.agency we work closely with top brands and Tech companies in order to inject new blood into marketing and sales efforts.

Building your Inbound Marketing Machine is our goal, the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is our strategy, digital marketing channels are our tactics, and with affordable Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP)  we work with your team to generate Awareness and Engagements, and we have to do everything in high professionalism and successfully for many years. 

Our No. 1 goal at THE RiCH.agency is to work with our clients to build their Inbound Marketing Machine, which converts your engagements and Awareness into sales to increase Revenue. 

The RiCH.agency is an Inbound Marketing Agency; A full-scale marketing strategy, tactics, and implementations to B2B and B2B2C Companies, in order to build brand awareness engagements and increase engagement on every step and stage on the Marketing and Sales funnel. 


Build your Inbound Marketing Machine is our vision, with the ABM Strategy as the route and Marketing Automation Platforms in our vain, we generate brand awareness and engagements and increase sales and revenue.  

A unique and proven methodology which has built in the last 15 years,
generated 5X (five times) more conversion and improved our customer's sales in more than 250%.

Building your
Inbound Marketing Machine to Scale Up your Revenu

We aren't in the business of just 'stacked' more Leads to your CRM. Instead, a unique and proven method to build engagement funnels that connect all the marketing channels and sales tactics into the marketing automation process.   


Modeling the Engagement Funnel to specific marketing and sales funnel (QL/MQL/SQL Etc), utilize the existing Contacts, generating new B2B Contacts into Accounts, find the right PoT (Point of Trigger) while defining the KPI, evaluate marketing channels and tactics, and facilitate the connections between the marketing and the sales too are only a few objectives as part of our work with your marketing, sales, and executive to accomplish the goals and support your marketing and sales to closing more deals and increase revenue. 

As your Inbound Marketing Agency, you may choose only to leverage our pricing on Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) s and features (up to 80% discount) or to work hand in hand with THE RiCH's Team to enhance your Marketing and Sales operation. 
From Generate more Contact (Leads) or Accounts, creating awareness on social media, Website Optimization (SEO), and engagements through Demand Generation (Paid Ads), develop the email sequence campaign(s) to allocate the PoT (Point of Trigger) of your Contacts and Buying Group on every one of the Full Funnel stage. 

"Built from scratch a very efficient sales funnel, created and implemented several successful campaigns and took our marketing efforts to new heights"

Lilach Dekel, 
VP Marketing 
Vimmi Communications

"Defiantly brings new resources with specific expertise to satisfy each challenge, their professionalism and efficiency are huge assets”

Lawrence D. Stuart
Head of Business, 
Screenz Cross Media

Scaling up our Customers' conversions and engagements for more than 15 years.

"A rare combination of thinking out of the box, a methodical approach as well as learning the market in record speed was (and still is) key for fast business growth"

Eran Shalev
VP Product & Marketing, VideoFlow

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ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING (ABM) Implementation Program 

Increase engagement with ABM Strategy

Build your Marketing Automation

75% of B2B organizations are either using ABM, interested in adopting or are testing it. One of the most significant differences between the traditional lead management program and an ABM program is the mindset of Marketing and Sales.


THE RiCH has developed a program to implement an ABM strategy any size of companies, and which understand that to close a deal with a B2B Client in the market today, you need much more than just a good connection with a specific Person, you have to manage multiple contacts and build the relationship with the Buyer Group. 


Personalization, Accuracy and Real-time tactics with Marketing Automation. 

Over the last ten years, an average of Buyer Group
(Per an Account) grow from an average of nine Contact
into 17 Contacts. 

The need for personalization, the accuracy of the messages to a specific needs and to elevate the Point of Trigger to each of the contacts require automation and process in place. 

The primary goal is to choose the right systems and develop the well-defined process. In which works for your marketing, sales and product team while providing the directors the ability to control, monetize and act in real time. 

THE RiCH as an Inbound Marketing has evaluated multiple types of Marketing and Sales platform, we invite you to learn how with a proven methodology we can develop the best Marketing Automation process, choose the best platform for your needs. 

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Let Us Handle the Inbound Leads

Build your Marketing Automation Step by Step

Inbound Marketing is a variety of tactics and operations, such as SEO, Paid Ads, Targeted Lead Generation, Email Automation and more. 
Our clients may choose to utilize one Inbound/Digital Marketing service, some of them. Whereas with your in-house team you might be limited with time and knowledge to what you can achieve on digital tactics and operation. 


Click below to learn more, how THE RiCH agency will work with you to structure & build the 'Machine' to create digital awareness, nurture Marketing and create engagements.

THE Account Based Marketing (ABM) eBook for Successful Implementation


Schedule a 20 min intro call .


A Free Consulting Meeting with RiCH team to learn your needs and work with you to choose the services you need. 
A meeting can conduct at the office or Online (Webinar).

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