THE RiCH agency works with your team to develop and implement the ABM Strategy


Connecting all the dots between Marketing and sales to increase engagements through Accounts and Buyer Groups

Account-based Marketing (ABM) is all about how to connect the Marketing and sales Cornerstones in order to create a process to ensures a better conversion rate, inbound leads generation and support sales automation for any stage the funnel up to the closing. Account Based Marketing (ABM), is not a channel or single type of marketing or sales funnel, it’s a strategy which syncs between the Marketing and Sales, using a multi-type of channels and can create for your company the marketing strategy. 


Even though ABM strategy launched more than a decade ago, in the last few years with the changes in the Sales & Marketing process, and with the rise of marketing automation and AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) commenced the ABM Strategy to become essential to B2B Marketing and to generate recurrent Sales. 


THE RiCH agency Account-based Marketing (ABM) consultant team will work with your Sales, Marketing and Management team hand-in-hand to build, create and monitor every step in the process to develop an ABM program for your company. 


Our customers increased by 275% inbound marketing engagement while generating more than 175% additional revenue from the Account in the ABM Program.

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