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We’ll Take Care of That, to generate MQLs to your Marketing and Sales Team.

THE RiCH agency uses an effective combination starting with our Targeted Lead Generation and Validation process, skilled Inside Sales experts in Follow-up Calls to include the support of Marketing specialist for building and adjusting the Digital Campaign(s), use the multi-channel approach to create inbound leads.  In addition to complimenting Social Media platform Channels, we set up the Discovery Meeting for the sales team and if needed RICH’s Director of Sales will manage and lead the deal until the closing. The sales stage from the initial stages (VL or QL) to become an opportunity (MQL or SQL) is crucial to the success of the sales. 


In the Marketing and Sales Funnel process, we define this stage as the handshake between the Marketing and the Sales team.


Our focus is on taking the leads you already have, generate more (Account and Leads) based on the Classification Document we will develop, engage with them via the right channel which you will define, or we will decide on our the initial strategic meeting. 

RICH Agency LeaDeal Plans Engagement plan based have built on 15 years of experience in this market and the fundamental notion that each Company has other needs and Sales Funnel process, such as More MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) to your sales team, or maybe more channels to engage with, longer cycle or fast deal but small, or even specific targeting Prospects. 


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