THE Full Funnel is the instrument to connect between the disciplines in the organization to measure and monitor the performance. ​


THE Marketing & Sales Funnel which is part of the Marketing Platforms Cornerstones, covers the marketing and sales process entirely, from generating, through nurturing tactics, situations surrounding the engagements, and up to the closing of the deal. 

The Funnel structure is crucial for the implementation success; here are the main points to take into consideration while structuring the Funnel.

  1. Take every significant step in the process into a stage, in general, every point in which the Prospect might need to think or take decisions should be a stage. 

  2. Every type of product should have its comprehensive funnel, to be able to test the performance on a weekly base the funnel needs to be aligned. 

  3. A funnel can be built for a specific product or a particular business model of a product. 

  4. To convert a lead(s) from one stage to another there has to be a specific task which trigged this conversion- It is not a sales or marketing decision.  

  5. NO more Sales Funnel! Collaborate with the sales of the marketing team and the product team. The funnel represents the entire cycle for the product not only for the sale. 

  6. Upon the funnel structured, each one the Leads needs to be allocated to a particular stage- not the account as a group but the leads in which include all the contacts in this process. 

  7. Build the nurturing, engagements, and retention process for the individual in the buying group and for the buying group-as-a-whole.


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