THE Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) purpose is
to work FOR YOU and NOT vice versa.


The primary purpose of any Platform is to work FOR YOU and NOT vice versa, and it needs to address your needs and integrates with the process. If you work with a Marketing Agency in most cases, this will be provided as part of the service.
Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) includes a variety of features, which each one manages a specific procedure, channel and tactics to the Sales and Marketing team. 
However, with the MAPs Pricing in the market today, almost every company at every stage can afford it.

Up to a few years ago, Marketing automation software was only for big enterprise. In the last few years, more Technology Platforms provides the features, connectivity, and integrations between the Marketings ends point and channels, and with reasonable pricing for small-mid size companies as well. 

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Don't settle only on CRM or Email automation software, with Marketing Automation, you can start to track website visitors, connect the social media to the same place, create email automation, while your sales team can leverage the Contacts (Leads) scores to know when to follow up and what was there point of a trigger and where they visited.  

The multivariate elements and the delegate connections between all the dots, while using personalization in a variety of levels on the Account, require the Automation Platforms (MAP) to utilize the AI and BI, while allowing the team to react in real-time.

We provide to our clients an admin user to manage and utilize the Marketing Platform features for each of the departments; Product, Marketing, and Sales and as a whole. 

Month to Month and start as low as US $485/ Month 

As your agency, you may choose only to leverage our pricing on the Marketing Automation Software and features (up to 80% discount), with no commitment and year payment in advance,  or in addition to work hand in hand with THE RiCH's Team to enhance your Marketing and Sales operation.


From Generate more Contact (leads) or Accounts, creating awareness on Social media or, engagements through Demand Generation (Paid Ads), develop the email sequence campaign(s) to allocate the PoT (Point of Trigger) of your Contacts and Buying Group on every one of the Full Funnel (Marketing and Sales) stages.


A Demo Meeting with RiCH team to learn your needs and work with you to show how the marketing Automation Software going to increase your engagements in a short term. 
A meeting can conduct at the office or Online (Webinar).

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