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CRM & Sales Optimizer | SharpSpring Module

Identified Leads and customers as opportunities and
place them in an Opportunity Workflow and on the CRM

Marketing & Sales Funnel

Are you tired of piecemealing different applications together for your marketing and sales efforts? Is your lead data and customer data disjointed? If so, you need to check out SharpSpring.

SharpSpring unique - and valuable - because it’s a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) with an included Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. With SharpSpring you can track your leads' interactions with your company from the very first time they visit your website, after they convert to customers, and forever thereafter with one robust, but easy-to-use, application.

How Do You Use SharpSpring’s CRM?

SharpSpring’s CRM magic takes place in the Sales Optimizer. This feature allows your sales team to take leads and customers your team identifies as opportunities and place them in an Opportunity Workflow. This workflow automates the process of moving the opportunity through the sales cycle and automatically emails opportunities relevant content and sends reminders for sales calls so your team can nurture the customer.


Here’s how to use the Sales Optimizer to create an Opportunity Workflow in SharpSpring:

  • From the SharpSpring toolbar, select Automation > Visual Workflows.

  • Click on Create > Opportunity Workflow and type in a name for your workflow, then click OK.

If you want to edit an Opportunity Workflow that you’ve already created, go to the SharpSpring toolbar and selection Automation > Visual Workflows. Then:

  • Open the Opportunities Workflow tab and click on the Activity drop-down menu.

  • Select either Active or Inactive, then choose the Opportunity Workflow you wish to edit.

Once you’ve either created a new Opportunity Workflow or selected an existing one that you wish to edit, your next step is to create opportunity rules. To do so:

  • Open your Opportunity Workflow. Then under Start or the applicable workflow branch select + Add Trigger.

  • Select the desired trigger for your opportunities. Triggers can be created based on various changes made in the Sales Pipeline. An example of a trigger is when a contact reaches out to your sales team for a meeting.

You can refine your opportunity automation even further by using opportunity filters. To do this, follow the steps above to create opportunity rules. After you’ve created your Trigger:

  • Go to + Add > Filter.

  • Under the Opportunity, select the filter you want to use. Configure as needed and then click OK.

SharpSpring Sales-Optimizer- THE

Changing Leads to Opportunities

SharpSpring can be a great solution for both marketing automation and CRM.  The combination of marketing automation and CRM in a single platform has many advantages.

Unleash the power of SharpSpring by combining both Marketing Automation and CRM for a simple and seamless sales lifecycle.

  1. When you use both systems together, you unlock many extra features such as Smart Mails - one-off/scheduled emails that sales team can send from CRM and you can track them throughout the lifecycle of a lead.

  2. SharpSpring CRM also has a notification system that notifies you when leads return to your website.

  3. Utilize the Dialer, so any call you will make directly from the Marketing Automation will record as an event ion the lifecycle of the lead and even the recorded call.

  4. Create multiple of the pipeline, but be able to send leads when getting a pre-defined score directly to a specific pipeline, schedule a task, and even remember to the client, and everything was triggered by the Marketing events.

Expert Insight:

Leads needs to move between stages all the time, create workflows [Link to #1 Module) which move the leads between Pipelines, between Stages and create tasks and follow up to the sales, due to the connectivity between the Marketing to Sales and to Customer Success, and act by the Contact can create a reaction by the system for the sales or the Customer Success to engage with.

SharpSprinh Create Slaes Trigger- THE Ri

What’s an opportunity in SharpSpring? In SharpSpring, an opportunity is a sale or pending deal you want to track.

Opportunities are a way to monitor a lead throughout the sales process to keep track of revenue, closure date, contacts, and everything that is essential to a sales pipeline. You can easily create opportunities as visual cards and move them between different deal stages in the sales pipeline.

This ecosystem of SharpSpring automation and CRM enables salespeople to close the deal faster without missing any opportunity. Let’s see how you can change your leads to opportunities.

Contact Manager Opportunity

  1. From SharpSpring’s toolbar, go to Contacts -> Contact Manager

  2. Find the desired contact and next to his name click on Setting Icon -> Options -> Create Opportunity

  3. In the Opportunity subsection fill in the account name, monetary worth, and expected closure date.

  4. In the Pipeline section select the desired pipeline, stage, and status.

  5. In the Attribution section, select the opportunity owner.

  6. In the Probability to Close section, set the probability of closure.

  7. In the Contacts section, select the related contacts you want to associate with the opportunity.

  8. There are other optional fields that you can use according to the need

    1. Statuses

    2. Tasks 

    3. Products

    4. Custom fields

  9. Save Opportunity. 

Pipeline Opportunity

  1. In SharpSpring's top toolbar, click Opportunities.

  2. In the Pipeline toolbar, on the right side, click + Create button.

  3. A popup will appear, enter the existing contact name or create a new contact for the opportunity and click Create a New Opportunity.

  4. Fill in the required information in the subsections (same as we described in the Contact Manager Opportunity section)

  5. Click Save Opportunity.

Expert Insight:

Create a pipeline per each of your services or product, define each one of them based on the sales cycle, some of them might well have a trial before they converted to MQL and some only after the discovery meeting, this will help you to have a better forecast. See here the Sales Cycle.


Sending Smart Mail

SharpSpring’s Smart Mail tool enables you to send sales-focused personalized emails directly from the dashboard. It is quick, easy, and packed with lots of features to help you work on leads smartly. 

Creating Email

SharpSpring offers pre-built email templates that you can use or create a template from scratch. Then you can customize your email using Email designer to be creative according to your needs. Here is how you can do it with simple steps -

  1. In SharpSpring's top toolbar, go to Content > Emails.

  2. Click Create New Email.

  3. Click a template folder

  4. Click + New Email over the desired email from Template 

  5. Set a name for your email.

  6. Select Make Available as a Smart Mail in Contact Manager checkbox.

  7. Click Add Email.

  8. Click Save.

Sending Smart Mail Quickly from Contact Manager

  1. In SharpSpring's top toolbar, click Contacts > Contact Manager.

  2. Select the desired contact lead.

  3. Click Smart Mail.

  4. Select the desired email to send.

  5. Click Quick Send to send your email

Sending Personalized Email from Contact Manager

  1. In SharpSpring's top toolbar, go to Contacts > Contact Manager.

  2. Select the desired contact lead and Click Smart Mail.

  3. Select the desired email to send.

  4. Click Personalize to modify using Email Editor and attachments.

  5. Click Schedule Email.

  6. You can choose to send immediately or specify the date and time to send.

  7. Click Send Email.

Sending Smart Mails from Opportunities

You can also send Smart Mails from Pipelines in Opportunities.

  1. In SharpSpring's top toolbar, go to Sales > Opportunities.

  2. Select a pipeline.

  3. Click on the desired opportunity.

  4. In the opportunity window, click the Contacts tab.

  5. Click Options > Send Smart Mail for the desired contact

  6. You can choose either a Quick Send or Personalized Smart Mail that we have described already.

Smart Mails and any other email can be synched with your inbox using the Mail Sync tool to record and track your leads.

That’s it. Simple, Flexible, and efficient for closing a deal with a breeze.


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How THE Can Help You Implement SharpSpring?

As a SharpSpring Agency Partner, we have extensive experience in creating pipelines and managing leads throughout its lifecycle to maximize the closure rate.

Even though you can purchase the SharpSpring ( Start as low as US $485/Month) as a SaaS model from us, we work as a partner with you to guide you through all the technical details, management, and analytics to make sure you get the maximum benefits of Marketing Automation and Sales CRM both individually and together for your sales team to close the deals faster.

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