Marketing Automation

In the market, today, you can't afford to ignore marketing automation any longer. 

THE platform which automates your

sales engagements and marketing tactics. 

Marketing automation is a MUST TO HAVE in every size and type of business and especially in B2B. 

THE need for personalization, the messages' accuracy to a specific needs, to be able to find the Point of Trigger (PoT) for each contact and to act in real-time for any of the marketing tactics is vital to the success of the deal and the business.


When you choose to integrate a Marketing Automation is not only systems and platforms; hence, it's mainly the process and how to connect all the dots between marketing, sales, products/solutions, the Accounts needs, and the company's strategy and goals.  

THE changes in the organization in the last 15 years, increased the amount of Contacts your sales need to involved with (Buyer Group) from an average of 9 Contacts to more than 17 Contacts. 

To control your process and have the ability to build a Full-Funnel, in which you can monetize and react in real-time, you need Marketing Automation.  

With more than five years with Marketing Automation and 15 years in the industry, we found that you can increase your engagement in more than 5X ( Five times) and your SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) in more than 2X (Two times) in the short term. 


Our customers increased by 275% inbound marketing engagement while generating more than 175% additional revenue from the Account in the ABM Program.

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