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The Core of Marketing Automation

Use the main core objectives of marketing automation to enhance your business plan

Marketing & Sales Funnel

How are your Competitors utilizing Marketing Automation?


Along with developing markets and technology, we have seen a significant evolution in the platforms used to implement marketing processes. As a result, more and more systems focus on businesses to automate their brand-building process. 


From assembling the tools to maintaining the campaigns, these innovations resulted in marketing automation. Modern marketing demands advanced technologies that can efficiently deal with the real-world challenges of the businesses. 


With the changing times, an increasing number of consumers are getting engaged with reliable digital platforms, which has created businesses' opportunities to implement marketing automation. This is where technology plays a significant role in connecting marketing strategies with advanced platforms. Marketing funnels, coupled with marketing automation, are driving inbound marketing for businesses of all sizes and industries.

What is Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation is a technology framework to manage multi-channel, multi-attribute, and multi-functional marketing campaigns automatically. Marketing automation enables businesses to run campaigns with automated communication and messages across email, social media, web, and other messaging channels.


Marketing automation platforms gives you the capability for lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring while saving your cost and time.

An ideal marketing platform should have tools for not only automating mundane marketing tasks along with sales management and customer relationship. If you have a platform that supports generating leads, nurturing leads, converting leads, managing sales, and building customer relationships from a single dashboard, it would increase your conversion rate and drive your business growth. 


The main idea behind such a platform is that you want to have all your data and analytics for a lead lifecycle in one place. By doing so, you will be able to analyze the end-to-end journey of your customer and make informed decisions for increased retention and target new leads. It will be an ideal situation for increased revenue and sustained growth.

Core Objectives of Marketing Automation


Boost Conversions

One of the most crucial objectives that leads a business to a successful marketing campaign is increasing conversion rate. Marketing automation results in the effective management of sales and leads and manages them with quality communication and periodic follow-ups.


From generating leads to converting them into revenue, marketing automation can result in your business's progressive outcomes. Moreover, the conversions will come more accurately and quickly with marketing automation. 


Optimize Email Marketing Performance

It would be an immense waste of time to manually write and send an email to each individual when they join. Instead, you could set up an automated email campaign that can be initialized and implemented anytime according to your objectives. 


That is the excellence of email automation - you can set up the email once and put it on autopilot. As more individuals keep on meeting the trigger you set, the email will be sent to them without you ever making the slightest effort.


Improve Lead Management

A reliable lead management framework will permit any business to assign its leads to the business team accurately. As there are many resources from which the leads can be caught up, lead conversion, distribution, and management framework can ease the process of handling them.


There will be minimum manual efforts as marketing automation software will provide all these services for the businesses. Leads result in conversions that further results in the success of the brand. And that’s why it is one of the significant objectives in marketing automation.


Enhance Sales Process Accountability

As the sales and conversions are part of the marketing process, utilizing the marketing automation platforms is the core objective for aligning sales funnel. Through various metrics like websites and social media platforms, sales can be pitched, managed, and converted to profitable customers.


Marketing automation tools can help in establishing and managing sales funnel for profitable outcomes. The effectiveness of campaigns can be seen once the system starts getting analytical data.


For marketing professionals, marketing automation possesses great significance in the industry. From automating branding activities to optimizing leads management systems, there are various operations that companies can efficiently perform using marketing automation.


Tools Associated with Marketing Automation


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the blend of practices, methodologies, and advancements that organizations use to oversee and break down customer associations and information all through their lifecycle.


It is utilized to achieve the objective of improving customer support, initiating new efforts, and driving deals development. CRM frameworks aggregate customers’ information across various resources, or purposes of contact with the organization


There are three basic types of CRM frameworks:

  1. On-Premises CRM: This framework puts the onus of organization, control, security, and support of the database and data on the organization utilizing the CRM programming. For this tool, Organizations usually buy licenses forthright instead of purchasing yearly memberships from a cloud CRM vendor. 

  2. Cloud-Based CRM: With cloud-based CRM, otherwise called SaaS or on-demand CRM, your data resides on outside servers and available to you at any time and from anywhere. 

  3. Open-Source CRM: An open-source CRM framework makes source code accessible to developers, empowering organizations to make changes at no expense for utilizing the framework. These frameworks also allow the option to the customization of features, helping organizations improve CRM practices.


Email Automation


Email automation is an approach to make emails that contact the correct individuals with the right message at the correct time in an autopilot mode. When you connect your site analytics with your email automation campaign, you can target individuals based on their touchpoints.


 In email automation, a trigger is a particular date, occasion, or contact's action that advises your framework to send a related message. 

Customer Success Management

Nothing more relaxing for a business than achieving long-lasting customer success. Leaders can go through hours tuning in and connecting with specialists who articulate helpful examples of genuine models and use cases extended to develop their clients' abilities. 


Customer success management is a component of responsibility for conveying achievement that is monetarily solid, versatile, result-oriented, and development-driven for the customer lifecycle. 

For organizations moving from an on-premises model to cloud-based, the consistent pattern of optimizing marketing efforts has resulted in optimum management for customer success.


Marketing Analytics


Analytics plays a vital role in marketing automation that helps monitor results based on different strategies. Implementing campaign analytics and tracking tools ensures that you keep an eye on every progress of your effort.


These tools also allow you to monitor the campaigns according to their behavior towards market change. Through various metrics and data-based statistics, marketing analytics can help automate tracking the campaigns you are running in a better way.

Most of the marketing automation frameworks have similar functionalities, but choosing the right one is tricky.

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7 Widely Used (Marketing) Automation Platforms 

There are numerous options available for businesses to automate their marketing campaigns and drive more success. These platforms provide different sets of features, from analytics to optimization. Have a look:




HubSpot has a full development suite that incorporates marketing automation, email automation, sales & lead management, which all coordinate consequently with HubSpot's CRM.


With the blend of data collection and analytics, information processing, content optimization, and other inventive solutions, HubSpot has helped brands overcome their challenges.



SharpSpring permits you to make ground-breaking digitalization dependent on your lead's touchpoints. Automation in SharpSpring contains lead life-cycle and sales workflow management for a comprehensive sales and marketing automation platform.


With a variety of marketing and sales tools like social media analytics, CRM, sales management frameworks, email automation, and data analytics, SharpSpring has provided a stable and reliable platform for both sales and marketing automation.




When it comes to implementing customer relationship management (CRM), SalesForce is one of the most preferred choices for global businesses. It provides all the solutions with their marketing automation platform - sales management, leads management, and customer support solutions.


Their solutions are also available for every major industry like IT, telecom, finance, and advertising. The most preferred solution from SalesForce is SaaS and cloud frameworks. These solutions offer tremendous benefits that can upgrade the productivity of businesses.


However, their expensive pricing remains a hurdle for small and medium businesses.




Pipedrive's platform is built on the foundation of deal management and customer relationship management. It supports the marketing automation and sales, but those are not it's primary areas of focus. It's simple and intuitive interface has an edge on its competitors. One main feature that PipeDrive has is the visual workflow for business processes. 


While it attracts medium-size businesses, it lacks the capability to efficiently integrate Sales, Marketing, and customer relationship management. Cost is also another factor for adoption hesitations.




Mailchimp is developing from email automation to an out and out marketing automation solution. While their extended highlights remain to be tried, Mailchimp is one of the first email advertising frameworks. They've transformed that experience into a stable and reliable email automation tool - which is a helpful business solution to utilize. 



Marketo is also one of the popular CRM and leads management platform — it was established in 2006, and was recently gained by Adobe and fused into their Adobe Marketing Cloud. They are cryptic of their pricing, so you would need to jump on a Demo call with one of their salespeople to have the option to get a "customized" quote. 


Constant Contact


Constant Contact is a contact management and email marketing platform that focusses on only a small part of marketing automation. It allows you to create no-code websites with drag-and-drop functionality, automate marketing and other communication emails, build contact lists and manage, and social media automation.


While it is suitable for some marketing automation, it is not a comprehensive marketing automation platform that you can use for sales and CRM too.


The Problem - Traditional Marketing Automation Platforms

Most of the platforms we discussed are either expensive or don't provide a balanced solution for sales and marketing automation. As a business, you might waste your time and money to see which of them fits your need and drive growth.


The Solution - Marketing Automation Layer by Sharpspring

SharpSpring is one of the leading companies providing different platforms and the latest technologies to automate business processes and marketing automation. Using various tools like email automation, CRM tools, sales management systems, and API integrations for other software applications, SharpSpring allows you to create custom funnels and management systems tailored to your business and industry.

SharpSpring has a potential layer of marketing automation combined with other platforms to nurture their business. They are:


Combining CRM with Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation permits you to give more and better-qualified contacts to CRM. It validates data about them continuously, and it drives lead conversion because it is more significant, steadier, and more straightforward in using it. Measurably CRM, along with marketing automation to ROI, is 14.5 % higher.

While a CRM framework is in the same class as information went into it and with which we work. This information is significant and permits to assess open doors available to be purchased to a given client.

Lead Nurturing through Marketing Automation

Lead nurturing enables prospecting for sales. It is deep-rooted into any sales and marting efforts. SharpSpring allows lead nurturing with workflow automation, email automation, and social media channels. With integrated analytics for all touchpoints and multi-attribution strategy, SharpSpring makes lead nurturing much efficient.


Lead Nurturing permits you to satisfy 3 essential assignments - keeping up client connections, giving data, and, a sign for deals. 


Integrating Email Marketing with Automation


Most marketing automation frameworks have an email advertising module. The most progressive utilization of email messages in marketing automation is a dynamic email — items custom-fitted to an individual based on the recent touchpoints or newly offered service.


Sales workflow and Marketing automation is being adopted across various industries as it provides a wide range of solutions for efficient marketing and sales activities. In the past few years, technological advances and marketing automation has merged with them to provide incredible outcomes. 


Utilizing a lead-driven, sales-driven, and customer-driven platform will give you an edge over your competitors. It will also provide a bird's eye view of all your efforts and enable you to drive your business' growth at unparalleled speed.

SharpSpring has a complete set of tools to integrate email automation, sales funnel management, social media management, analytics, campaign management systems, and other advanced platforms.


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