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Fun Facts Friday | Inbound Marketing

Decision-Maker or Buying Group?

Decision-Maker Or Buying Group? 

The days to reach only the Decision-Maker is no longer the most important step.

When you're dealing with B2B and long sales cycles, you probably know that your deal is not based on one person but on a group in which each one will contribute to the deal’s success in another way.

The days to reach only the Decision-Maker is no longer the most important step to closing a deal.
Upon your team engaging with the Contact from the company you have targeted, change this Contact into an Account. Generate 5-9 new contacts from multiple departments and multiple positions on the targeted company. Then build a short sequence of a Marketing Funnel and initiate the digital relationship right away.

This will provide your sales team a heads up nurturing and awareness with this group which might be involved in the deals or even is the one who will be in your favor.

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