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Tagging on Social Media

Fun Facts Friday | Inbound Marketing

Tagging on Social Media

"Using more than 3 hashtags, can actually hurt your profile due to new algorithms."

Many companies today believe that the best way to use social media is to flood their posts with hashtags and @ mentions.

This is most definitely not the case! Using more than 3 hashtags, depending on the platform can actually hurt your profile due to new algorithms.

Many are also unaware of the fact that there is a limit of 30 hashtags on Facebook and Instagram. This includes in the post and in the comments section. Tag mentions are in the same spectrum.

Using @ to tag customers, if your a B2C company or tagging companies that are not related to your post can be considered spamming.
Instead, only tag relevant people/businesses to increase the potential reach. Just remember to use all forms of tagging responsibility to increase your brand awareness!!

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